Playing, in the Seattle area, Part 1

Nate and I have been out and about a lot, in the Seattle area.

Ingress Logo

Do any of you know what Ingress is?

Ingress is a game, that you play on your mobile device. It’s considered AR (Augemented Reality). Ingress was the predecessor to Pokemon Go.

In this game, as one of the many things you can do, there are “missions”. These missions are just one small feature of the game. A mission consists of something like a “quest” to go somewhere and see something new, and fulfill whatever is required by the mission. What’s great about this is that it gets you out, seeing new places and spending time in areas you may not have normally visited.

We are very well versed now with the layout of Seattle and the surrounding towns and areas. We’re not as nervous driving around and I bet we could even find our way home if Google broke.

This game also has a community. We’ve visited with several groups of other game enthusiasts in the area and made some acquaintances. This is cool because these folks can give you information and tell you about the area. We’ve met at breweries, burger joints, and even an old school arcade bar.

We’ve also worked together with them to accomplish feats in the game. For example, many of us went out Sunday morning and at the same time, came together to create a “field” for our team over all of Seattle. This might look like gibberish to those not familiar with the game, but it’s a pretty big accomplishment.


Anyway, with the introduction to Ingress out of the way, now onto the pictures of our explorations!

Let’s start with food!

We visited Beth’s Cafe, north of Seattle – this is where Man Vs Food visited for a 12 egg omelette. We only had 6 eggs, but, still huge!

We visited a Korean BBQ place, called Hae Song, in Federal Way, where the portions are huge! We learned not to order too much here!

There have been other places, but one that recently stuck with us is a Fish and Chips place in Ballard. It’s called the Lockspot Cafe. While we were there, we happened to be sitting at a table next to a pair or oars. Upon closer inspection, we found out that they filmed the 05-13-2007 Deadliest Catch “After The Catch” show there. Very cool.


Next, will be pictures of some of the sites we’ve visited!

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