Mt. Hood over Labor Day Weekend

We spent some time with the family over Labor Day weekend near Mt. Hood, in Oregon. We were with John and Nancy (Nate’s folks) and Janine and Casey (Nate’s sister and Brother in Law) and their kids Alexandra and Evan. We stayed at the Mt. Hood Village RV Resort.

Here’s a link to the Resort’s website:

Rolling into the RV Park on the Thursday prior to the holiday, we could tell this could be a really nice place to stay during non peak times. This park had all the bells and whistles, full hookups, a pool and hot tub, and they had activities for the kids. While the sites weren’t that far apart from each other, the wooded area and trees made it feel more spacious. It was also very quiet.

Of course over the holiday weekend, starting with Friday afternoon, it became jam packed. So tight with rigs it was hard for folks coming in late to get parked.

We talked with several couples there who were full timing – and learned lots of tips and tricks, and places to stay. We also made some friends.

While we were there, we did some exploring in the area, and we worked our way up to the ski lifts at Mt. Hood. We took the Magic Mile lift ride and got some neat views. We also got to play in the snow!

Mt Hood Panoramic

Here’s a mosaic of some shots taken from up at Mt Hood.

As for the Resort, there’s a good chance that Nathan and I will return. We’d return during a non peak time, so – not on a holiday, to enjoy the place while it’s quiet. It’s a large RV park, with different spurs leading into different sets of sites. Other areas had certain size requirements, and there was some construction going on while we were there. It looked like they were making another spur for another set of sites.

The employees were nice, and the restaurant on site – The Dragonfly Cafe and Bakery – was surprisingly good. Fresh baked bread and really good breakfast.

Here’s another mosaic, this one from the RV Resort.


After the holiday was said and done, the family headed to their respective homes, and Nathan and I headed up to see my folks in Seattle.

Here’s a riddle that was at the chair lift for the Magic Mile. Any ideas?


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