It’s late one night, and you have a trip coming the next day. You both decide that after a long day of packing, you want to test fit some things in the garage of the trailer, and then you also know that you haven’t dumped in a while, and the trailer is stinky. So, you put some water in the tanks to let them slosh around while you’re on the road for that late night dump run. Then you dump the trailer and take the time to rinse the tanks out. While you’re at the dump, you realize… you didn’t put the Satellite dish down on the roof. You climb up the ladder, examine the dish and are happy to see it’s fine minus a few splattered bugs. You go inside and tell it to stow itself.

On your way back home, you put fuel in the truck, and the trailer. While you’re putting fuel in the truck’s in-bed transfer tank, it overfills and splashes diesel on you both. Then you manage to repeat the same thing only with gasoline in the tank in the trailer. Covered in fuel and having splashed on the truck and trailer you just washed the day before, you head down to try to find a spray and wash place to pull in to wash it off. You manage to squeeze your way in to a spot that you will need to back out of, hose everything down, back out, and head home.

On your way home from the wash, you gasp.

You left a 700lb gorilla that’s black, shiny, on casters and goes by the name of Yukon in the back garage, unstrapped.

You also left your Bose subwoofer sitting on your pony wall in the living area unsecured for travel.

And you made sure you weaved in the lanes on the way to the dump because you wanted that water to slosh around.



I’m surprised it didn’t cause more damage than it did.

So… what did we do?

We investigated…

Pulling panels for investigation

And then we made sure it wouldn’t happen again. We installed Etrack.

As for the subwoofer… we ended up with a little chip in a wood armrest. Nothing a little dap and stain won’t fix.

I guess that’s it for this intermission.

Things happen, everyone has a little struggle, and a little teething phase. We did great, and we learned to double check everything. We’re ready to continue our adventure.

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