Eclipse Chasing, Baker, OR

For the few days surrounding the August 21st Eclipse, we spent time with family over in Baker, OR. We managed to squeeze our fifth wheels in the driveway of a family member’s ranch near Medical Springs. This worked out great for us, we got to spend time in a nice quiet area with great company, we played croquet, we did some exploring, and we were able to spend some time relaxing.

On the morning of the eclipse, we drove into Baker, and spent some time at their house in town. We had a great big breakfast, and then took our lawn chairs outside.

Chris and Sarah joined us from Boise on this morning, having driven in late the night before to capture some neat pictures of the Eclipse with their camera gear.

Here are a couple of Chris’s pictures:


Nathan captured a video from the drone facing us during the few moments of totality:

After this trip, we headed back to Boise for a few more days of install and packing. We’ll be heading off to Mt. Hood for Labor Day weekend pretty soon, and then we’ll be going to Seattle for a little while to spend time with my parents.

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