Electronics Install…

Wires and goop oh my!

In order to live in our fifth wheel full time, we wanted to make it like our home, and since we’re kids of the electronics age, we wanted our things of comfort. We also needed items to help us find data connections so we can work easier.

So, this includes products like our Wifi Booster, our Cell Booster, our Satellite entertainment, Nintendos, and Xbox.

The Wifi booster is a WifiRanger Elite AC – this should help us get a better connection to wireless signals in RV parks, and its router is great for prioritizing cell connections or wifi connections based on availability.

The Cell booster is a Weboost Drive 4G-X RV. This version includes some products that make it easier to install in an RV. We didn’t use the antenna that came with it, opting for a higher gain model.

For the Satellite dish we opted for the Winegard Trav’ler 1000 for DISH. We just wanted to make the most out of the satellite visibility during our travels. We also made some modifications so that we could use this dish with a Hopper 3, and a Wireless Joey for the bedroom that we could take outside to the TV in the outside storage compartment if we wanted.

For the Satellite radio (SiriusXM) we went with a neat Shakespeare marine antenna. We’ve used this kind of antenna in the past, and love it. It works really well.

I used a hole saw and cut a couple of holes in the roof. Then I used fish tape to fish in the wires. This area worked out well because it comes in just above our entertainment cabinet.

I then installed the Satellite radio antenna, the Wifi booster antenna, the Cell booster antenna, and the Satellite dish.

I buttoned them up with some cable management and then used lots of sealant.

When it was all said and done, I thought it came out pretty well.

We still have some amateur radio stuff to install, and we left room on the roof for all the solar that is still upcoming. We’re looking at putting about 1800 watts of solar on the roof.

We built a shelf in the front of our living room above the TV for all of our stuff.

Shelf built, pulling wires.

Here’s how it looks now:


After this install we went to Baker, OR for the Eclipse. More to come!

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