Colorado Springs

I want to apologize for the delay in posting. We’ve been really busy the past few days here back in Boise, installing electronics on the trailer and then cleaning it out so we can drop it off at the dealer for some warranty issues. I also want to apologize for the lack of details in these posts. I think once we finally really hit the road, we may be able to have some time for a more… lengthy recount, or recollection, of our journeys.

On this next leg of our trip we skipped the Eisenhower Tunnel, and took a by-way that routed us through Leadville and Buena Vista, Colorado. This was a very pretty drive, that took us past several of the big peaks of the Rockies.

We stopped in Leadville for lunch on the way, and Nathan was unable to fly our drone higher than about 30 feet, because of restrictions. So, limited, he took a a picture or two anyway.


We made it to Colorado Springs on the 25th of July. The reason for the trip here was family related, a funeral.

We stayed at the Golden Eagle campground, which was south of Colorado Springs, just outside Fort Carson.

The sites were a bit interesting to get in to as some articulation was needed, but overall, it was a nice rustic campground with a good amount of space. It also had full hookups.


We were here for two nights, and it was great as the weather was cooler and we had some neat thunderstorms.

Funeral completed, as well as time spent with family not often seen, it was time to start the trek back home.

The next stop on our route home takes us to Stagecoach State Park near Steamboat Springs. This is where we will begin to be tested with our truck, on a shakedown trip that was supposed to be for our trailer!

Here’s some pictures from the site in Colorado Springs.

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