We make it to Silt, Colorado

Our second stop on the way to Colorado Springs took us to the KOA Campground in Silt, Colorado.

This is a decent KOA, and the ladies behind the counter that checked us in were very nice and happy to give us any information we needed.

The spots were fine, they felt a little close together but we were only staying for one night.

It’s here that the first real issue on our trip occurred. The water leak that I had mentioned in the last post turned to a real gusher when the trailer was hooked up to the water connection and pressurized. Water ran out from behind the closet where the washer and dryer were located, and then out the bottom of the kitchen slide.

Here’s a shot of our Washer and Dryer installation for reference.


Working together and with John and Nancy’s help, we pulled out the dryer, and were able to tip out the washer enough to take a look. The elbow on the back of the washer for the cold side was not making a good solid connection, and when under pressure was now losing a lot of water.

We had a spare elbow and a few spare gaskets, so we replaced it ourselves and reinstalled the washer and dryer. No more leaks!

After all that work though, we didn’t feel like cooking so we took a recommendation that the ladies at the front counter had mentioned and hit up a local pizza place called the Brickhouse Pizzeria. http://www.brickhouse-pizzeria.com/

It was a very small restaurant, but the pizza was fantastic. We could see the chef tossing the dough into the air. I guess you can order from here and they’ll bring it directly to your site at the KOA, too.

After dinner, it rained all night, and was still drizzling in the morning. We packed up early, and hit the road for our climb over the continental divide and into Colorado Springs.

More to come! Check out some pictures from this section of our trip to Silt!


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