The Shakedown Trip Begins!

Having just picked up our trailer a couple of days beforehand, with just enough time to toss some essentials and some groceries inside, we hit the road on a trip that will take us to Colorado Springs and back.

The first stop in our Itinerary takes us to the Painted Rocks Campground, in Yuba State Park, south of Spanish Fork, Utah.


We arrived on July 23rd. We also put the first pin in our map!


While setting up our reservations, we thought we could expect to see some water, but when we got there, the reservoir was very low! We didn’t realize the level dropped on a regular basis.


As for the campground itself, the views were great, and it was quiet. Our sites had electricity and water, and we had decent bandwidth on AT&T. Our only issue with the campground was that there was no grassy area, everything was dead, and it contained lots of those stickers that hurt our puppies feet.

When we arrived it was hot and windy, about 95 degrees. But some mild high cloud cover made it bearable.

Our trailer and truck were performing pretty well for these first few hundred miles. At this time we did have a small water leak that appeared to be coming from the closet where the washer and dryer were located, but for now we were able to handle it.

Our next stop takes us to a KOA in Silt, Colorado. More to come! For now, here’s a small gallery of photos related to this section of the trip.


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