Our “Toad”.

This is what we’ll be towing behind us, and in states that don’t allow that type of thing, pulling the duty of driven caboose on our adventures. It’ll be our town tourer, campsite scouter, and mountain lake fishing taxi. It’s a 2005 Suzuki Grand Vitara.

2005 Grand Vitara

This Grand Vitara has been lifted with a Zuki Nation 4.5″ suspension lift, and larger tires. This is to allow us to still do the kind of exploring we like to do when we’re traveling.

I’ve had a thing for Suzukis for a while if you’ve known me…

We also had a red 2001 Grand Vitara, that was our little off-road beater/hunting scout vehicle/Trudy’s Kitchen (Idaho City) in the nick-of-time-before-they-close-because-we-want-pie impromptu rally racer.

2001 Grand Vitara

But what started it all was the Sidekick. It was a 1995, and we had modified it with Toyota FJ80 axles, dual transfer cases, and lockers. It was crazy to think after we were done with it, and we were driving it, that we had built such a thing in our own garage.

1995 Sidekick

We hope to meet other like-minded enthusiasts with similar interests on the road, and have a lot of fun exploring new areas.

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