Travel Companions – Past & Present

An adventure couldn’t start without the proper introductions.  So without further ado, I give you Mica and Quartz:

These 2 little pups have become instant family members and you’ll probably be seeing lots of them in the future.  They are ‘Merle’ Pomeranians (from 2 different litters) and are about a month apart in age.  Mica (our little girl) is super affectionate and is very welcoming.  Quartz (our little boy) is curiously cautious.  Mica and Quartz should continue to be great travel companions on our journey ahead.

And what post would be complete without having honorable mentions…

We might have embarked on our upcoming adventure earlier if it were not for our aging travel companions.  We had a 17yr old Pomeranian (Annie) who’s age may have inhibited the decision to have such a drastic life change for us.  Annie passed away this past holiday season and will be fondly remembered.

Shortly there after, Brax, our 9yr old English Setter also left us.  He too would have enjoyed our new life style and will be dearly missed.

And finally, Skye, who was our 10yr old English Setter, and much the adventurous type and best friends to both Annie and Brax, will also be missed and remembered.

Please feel free to post about your travel companions, past and present.
– Nate

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