Newport, OR. The Ocean!

After we left Seattle, we headed down to the Newport area for a two week stay at South Beach, OR, at a Thousand Trails RV Park called Whaler’s Rest.

It, like most other Thousand Trails parks we’d seen recently (when we were in Seattle we took a day and explored several parks), was woodsy, older, and somewhat overgrown. It was quiet, however, and was within walking distance of the beach.

During our stay, we spent time on the beach with the puppies, and Nate’s sister and family as well as his parents came by for a couple days to stay in the RV Park with us.

The weather was great the first week, but it rained most of the second week. I was really hoping to schedule a trip on a boat to do some fishing or some whale watching, but in the time we had, the weather didn’t cooperate. At least for now, it appears our trailer is leak free!

We also ran into some friends who originally lived in Mountain Home, ID, but had sold everything and were looking for a place in the coastal area. It’s a small world!

During this time, Nate also had to travel to Raleigh, NC to visit his employer, Red Hat, for a couple of days. Thought I’d share a couple of pictures he took of the Red Hat tower.

Here’s a mosaic of some pictures of us at the beach:

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